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Tokyo Star | 6 Regular Seeds

Tokyo Star | 6 Regular Seeds

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This cross offers an exceptional growing experience for cannabis enthusiasts and cultivators alike.

Experience the joy of upright growth paired with robust yields, ensuring a plentiful harvest with each cultivation cycle.

Ideal for washing techniques, this strain is perfect for those seeking quality extracts and concentrates.

Dive into a diverse array of terpene profiles, from the luscious aromas of grape and peach to the delicate floral notes, alongside the pungent scents of gas, glue, acrid, earthiness, and creamy undertones. Each plant offers a unique olfactory journey that will tantalize your senses and elevate your cannabis experience.

With 6 regular F1 hybrid seeds per pack, you have the perfect opportunity to cultivate your own variations of this extraordinary strain. Elevate your grow operation with Tokyo Star and unlock a world of aroma, flavor, and abundance.

Lil Tokyo (male) x Star Pebbles (female) | 6 Regular Seeds | Photoperiod Flowering | Grown in Minnesota by Minnesotans. PhD Cultivated.

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