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Kiseru | 6 Regular Seeds

Kiseru | 6 Regular Seeds

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This is a hybrid cross between Smokestax x Lil Tokyo. Designed to exceed your expectations, this strain offers unparalleled performance and unrivaled quality.

Prepare for a bountiful harvest with killer yields that will impress even the most seasoned cultivators. Thanks to its fast vegging time and substantial stretch during flowering, you'll witness impressive growth in no time.

Explore a diverse spectrum of terpene profiles, ranging from fruity and gassy to glue-like, earthy, and hazy aromas. Each plant promises a unique olfactory experience that will tantalize your senses.

Our Regular F1 hybrid seeds guarantee genetic consistency, giving you the assurance of reliable plants every time you cultivate. Elevate your grow operation with Kiseru and unlock the potential for extraordinary yields and exceptional quality.

Lil Tokyo (male) x Smokestax (female) | 6 Regular Seeds Photoperiod Flowering | Grown in Minnesota by Minnesotans. PhD Cultivated.

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